Roselyne Ferrari

Education in Titles

Graduation in Biochemistry (Paris Diderot University, France) 1981

Master Degree in Plant Physiology (Paris Diderot University, France) 1983

PhD thesis: Investigation of foliar lipid peroxidation in higher plants and evaluation of antioxidant capacities of sensitive or drought-resistant plants (Paris Diderot University, France) 1992

Temporary Teaching and Research Assistant Member (Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche, ATER) (Paris Diderot University, France) 1991

Current Position

Roselyne FERRARI is an Associate Professor in the Paris Diderot University. She teaches Microbiology in the Department of earth and planetary sciences and in the Sciences du Vivant department at the Bachelor and Master level. She develops her research in the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Energies de Demain (LIED)

Quick presentation

Roselyne FERRARI is an Associate Professor in the Paris Diderot University since 1994. She defended her PhD thesis entitled “Investigation of foliar lipid peroxidation in higher plants and evaluation of antioxidant capacities of sensitive or drought-resistant plants” in 1992 (Paris Diderot University, France) in the field of Tropical Plant Biology. She then got interested in microorganisms and studied a class of enzymes capable of detoxifying fatty acid hydroperoxides: “the alkylhydroperoxide reductases”. She then investigated the ability of Escherichia coli to detoxify emerging pollutants in aquatic environments and in particular man-made metal oxide nanoparticles. She participated for 10 years in the development of laboratory tests to assess the toxicity of zinc oxide and titanium nanoparticles in natural aquatic environments. She showed, through metabolomics and proteomics, that E. coli tries to overcome the stress caused by nanoparticles by increasing its oxidative and respiratory capacity.

More recently, she started to work again on polyunsaturated fatty acids and peroxidation phenomena, but this time on fungi. She is also interested in the ability of some microscopic coprophilous fungi to destroy lignocellulose. These ascomycete fungi are over-equipped with hydrolytic enzymes, such as oxidases or oxygenases.


Main publications in peer-review journals


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Ruprich-Robert G., Xie, N., Silar P., Herbert, E., Ferrari, R. Chapeland-Leclerc, F. Characterization of two ferroxidases and one ascorbate oxidase belonging to the multicopper oxidase family in the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina: a new role in fungal development submitted to Fungal Genetics and Biology (Sept 2017)

Fadlallah H., Jarrahi M., Herbert E., Ferrari, R., Méjean R., Perhossaini H., Evolution of growth and pigment content of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 subjected to hydrodynamic stress under review in Biotechnology and Bioengeenering (August 2017)

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