Christophe Goupil


Christophe Goupil is Professor of Condensed Matter and Electronics at Université Paris Diderot, where he teaches Solid State Physic, Thermodynamics, Electronics and Semi-Conductor Physics. After 8 years of development of thermoelectric applications into industrial programs including heat recovery in the Automotive and Aeronautical domains, and heat management in buildings, Professor Goupil is now in charge of the DyCo research group. Using a non-equilibrium thermodynamic approach, his research focuses on the coupled dynamics of fluxes and potentials in classical and quantum systems. Professor Goupil develops interdisciplinary projects ranging from fundamental coupled transport in mesoscopic systems to the metabolisms of biological systems and Macroeconomic models.


• General thermodynamics (Yves D’AngeloEric Herbert)

• Onsager (Y. AppertetH. OuerdanePh. Lecoeur )

• Animal metabolisms and out of equilibrium modelling. (Collaboration V. Bels MNHN, K.Raskin CEEBIOS

• Electrophysiological response to vegetal stress. (Collaboration F. Bouteau SYV1)

• Ecological Economics (Collaboration G. Giraud AFD, M. Lavoie & D. lang CEPN)

• Quantum Thermoelectricity (Collaboration J.L Pichard CEA-SPEC, G. Benenti Como)

• Network Thermoelectricity (Collaboration X. Zianni Teiste)

• Architecture & Urban Metabolism Collaboration C. Bailly)

• Design (Collaboration D. Lhote, E. Berger, Strates)

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