Souhil Harchaoui
Graduate Student
Bâtiment Condorcet A,269A

Ecole doctorale : Economies, Espaces, Sociétés, Civilisations (ED 382)

UFR Géographie, Histoire, Sciences de la Société

Directeur de thèse : Petros Chatzimpiros

2ème année de doctorat


Modelling the complex agri-food dynamics of France on the long duration (19th to 21st centuries)


A major current sustainability challenge is to achieve food supply security within the context of energy transition and climate change. Modern agriculture is massively dependent on non-renewable resources and energy. The objectives are to explore agri-food systems properties in space and time in search for possible structural invariants and to build a mathematical model able to reproduce dynamics and structures. Energy, land and nitrogen are included in the analysis as key resources including potential recycling options. A scientific challenge is to identify tipping points to system breakdowns and explore alternative sustainability paths. Data and methods: numerous archival and numerical data available in French statistics, reports as well as international trade datasets.


Publications :

  • Harchaoui, S. and P. Chatzimpiros. 2017. Reconstructing production efficiency, land use and trade for livestock systems in historical perspective. The case of France, 1961-2010. Land Use Policy 67: 378-386.
  • Harchaoui, S. and P. Chatzimpiros. 2018.. Energy, nitrogen and farm surplus transitions in agriculture from historical data modeling. France, 1882-2013. Journal of Industrial Ecology (accepted).
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