Tingting Zhao
Graduate Student
Bâtiment Lamarck B,600B

Ecole doctorale : Médicaments, toxicologie, chimie et imagerie (ED 563)

UFR Sciences du Vivant

Directeur de thèse : François Bouteau

1ère année de doctorat


Use of plant bioelectrical responses as dynamic sensor of stress


This project plans to delve into the use of plant bioelectric activity and signatures as stress sensor with regard to stress induced by climate changes. It aims to explore the bioelectric responses and associated early events (eg. reactive oxygen generations, cellular calcium variations) of plant to heat stress combined with salt stresses and non-ionic hyperosmotic stress mimicking drought. Different crops and model plants will be using to improve our understanding of possible adaptation of plants to these climate changes.


EDUCATION 2010.9-2014.7

Bachelor in Biological Science
School of Life Science,
Huaibei Normal University
Master candidate in Plant Biology
Supervisor: Professor Yi HAN
School of Biotechnology and Food Engineering,
Hefei University of Technology


During my master study, my project is focused on investigating the key genes mediated H2O2
induced programmed cell death using a catalase deficient mutant (cat2). Through this project, I learned
many biological approaches including crossing, CRISPR/Cas9 technique, molecular biology methods
and redox-linked assay.
I am able to individually make the figures with sigmaPlot and office software. Also, statistics
analysis such as t-test has been used throughout my preparing master thesis.
Taken together, I am quite interested in the elucidation of the molecular regulatory/signaling
network linked to stressful associated events

Research Area
Curriculum Vitae
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