Ling Shen
Graduate Student
Batîment Lamarck B, 600B

Ecole doctorale : Médicaments, toxicologie, chimie et imagerie (ED 563)

UFR Sciences du Vivant

Directrice de thèse : Florence Leclerc

3ème année de doctorat


Interdisciplinary approach for the characterization of secondary metabolites pathway gene clusters in the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina.


Fungal secondary metabolites are low molecular weight compounds which are not essential for the normal growth of microorganisms but play important roles in development and intercellular communication. Podospora anserina is a typical filamentous ascomycete frequently recovered from dung while sequence analysis of genome reveals its ability to produce secondary metabolites. Deletion of key gene encoding the biosynthetic enzyme of gene cluster and overexpression of pathway- specific transcription factor will be carried out for the characterization of secondary metabolites pathway gene clusters in P. anserina. Isolation of bioactive metabolites (including sterigmatocystin) associated to the understanding of their mode of biosynthesis may offer an opportunity to discover new biocontrol applications.


Publications :

  • Song, Z., Shen, L., Yin,Y., Wang, ZK. (2015) Role of two Nomuraea rileyi transmembrane sensors Sho1p and Sln1p in adaptation to stress due to changing culture conditions during microsclerotia development. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 31:477–485
  • Yuan,L., Shen,L., Wang,ZK., Yin,Y. (2016) Screening of High Virulent Fungal Strains of Killing the Delia Antigua. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 32(2):165-171
  • Song,Z., Shen,L., Zhong,Q.,Yin,Y., Wang,ZK. (2016) Liquid culture production of microsclerotia of Purpureocillium lilacinum for use as bionematicide. Nematology 18(6):719–726
  • Song,Z., Zhong,Q.,Yin,Y.,Shen,L., Wang,ZK. (2016) The high osmotic response and cell wall integrity pathways cooperate to regulate morphology, microsclerotia development, and virulence in Metarhizium rileyi. Scientific Reports 6:38765
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