Chuanyu Zhang
Graduate Student
Batîment Condorcet A, 777A

Ecole doctorale : Physique en Ile de France (ED 564)

UFR Physique

Directeur de thèse : Laurent Royon

1ère année de doctorat


Acoustic streaming and its potential for heat transfer enhancement applied in energy storage systems


My research topic is acoustic streaming,which belongs to fluid mechanics of physics, and its potential for heat transfer enhancement applied in energy storage system. In the confined structure and space, like micro-heat exchangers or thin fin channel connected to the main pipe, the heat transfer is hindered by the thick boundary layer and absence of free or forced convection. The acoustic streaming is a possible solution to overcome such problem, which may produce the small vortex and introduce the disturbances along the channel wall. In such situation, the intensification of heat transfer across the wall is possible.


Publications :

  • Zhang, Chuanyu, Jingcui Xu, Ge Tianshu, Yanjun Dai and Ruzhu Wang. "A Study on Enthalpy Exchanger with Modified Functional Layers Based on Chloride." Science and Technology for the Built Environment, (2016): 1-9.
  • JC Xu, Zhang CY, TS Ge. "Performance Study of Sodium Alginate-Nonwoven Fabric Composite Membranes for Dehumidification." Applied Thermal Engineering, (2017)

Education Experience: School of Mechanical Engineering Sept. 2013-presentShanghai Jiao Tong University (china) School of Energy and Power Engineering Sept. 2009-July 2013Xi’an Jiao Tong University (china)


C. Y. Zhang, J.C Xu, T.S Ge , Y.J Dai. “A Study on Performance Improvement of Enthalpy Exchanger with theModified Function Layers.” In 14th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies. Nottingham,UK, 2015.

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