Antoine Marie

Ecole doctorale : Frontières du Vivant (ED 474)

UFR Géographie, Histoire, Sciences de la Société

Directeur de thèse : Gérald Bronner

1ère année de doctorat


Fondations cognitives et évolutionnaires de la radicalité idéologique, et méthodes de révision de croyances.


I am a Frontières du Vivant doctoral (ED 474) student working under the joint supervision of Gérald Bronner (University Paris Diderot) and Jean Baratgin (University Paris 8, head of PARIS Reasoning). My interdisciplinary interests range from cognitive and social psychology to the evolutionary and social sciences. My research focuses on the cognitive foundations of ideological radicalization, on sacred values and the illusion of understanding, and on methods of belief revision through metacognition. Using both experimental and field methods, I try to contribute to a better understanding of why psychologically normal individuals can come to endorse extreme beliefs (such as conspiracy theories and radical religious beliefs), and of the means that can be employed to bring them to reflectively overcome their “sociopathic” beliefs.

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