Christophe Lalanne

Statistician, Paris Diderot University; Paris, France — 2014–2016
  Similar work there

Statistician, AP-HP; Paris, France — 2010–2014
  Data mining, psychometrics, and predictive modeling in clinical studies

Statistician, CEA Neurospin; Saclay, France — 2009–2010
  Computational statistics on so-called imaging genetics

Statistician, INSERM (ex)U669; Paris, France — 2008–2009
  Psychometrics and biostatistics in psychiatry research

Psychometrician, CIEP; Sèvres, France — 2006–2008
  Educational testing (French as a foreign language)

Lecturer, René Descartes University, IUT; Paris, France — 2004–2006
  Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Université Paris Diderot. Bâtiment Lamarck B. 5​ rue Marie-Andrée Lagroua-Weill-Hallé. 75013 Paris
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